Videographer, photographer, sound engineer, producer are no longer job descriptions, but an expected skill set for anyone creating and telling stories today. I get to to do that, all of that and if I can’t do it I’ll build a team that can. Telling stories is what I like to do, pulling all the photography, sound and video together and creating a story worth watching. Sometimes it’s a simple photo essay other times it’s a more complicated multimedia piece, as long as there’s a good story to be had. Being based in The White Mountains of New Hampshire gives me a huge variety of locations, weather and seasons to create images that work for you.

There’s always room for improvement, without it styles stagnate and creativity stalls. To  skills sharp and juices going I’ve taken courses at schools like The International Center of Photography and Maine Media Workshops and refined my eye by working with other photographers like Jose Azel, Jay Dickman and Andy Cutraro.

Publications like Fly Fisherman Magazine, Powder Magazine, Yankee and Shape have all used my photography. The Nature Conservancy, The Mount Washington Avalanche Center and Owl’s Roost Outfitters have had great success with videos and multimedia pieces I have produced for them.

If you’re interested in learning more about my latest projects or want to discuss working with me on an upcoming project give me a call at 603-662-9256 or e-mail joe[at]klementovichphoto.com

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