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From the first phone call to final printing is a long process with a magazine assignment. This story startedĀ hitting while I was there, not an easy task. Bob Mallard wrote the article and coordinat [...]

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January 2014 – Desktop wallpaper & Calendar

Here in New Hampshire we're getting lots of snow and cold temps for the first few days of the New Year, so I went with a frosty image for the month of January. This shot was taken late in the day on t [...]

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Handmade – Artisans and craftsmen in Black and White

Here is list of artisans and craftsmen that were part of this project. Thank you so much to each of them for letting me into their home, studio or workspace and share their art, work and thoughts [...]

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16 Seconds of outdoor adventure

Joe Klementovich Photography from Joe Klementovich on Vimeo.

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Boott Spur Ridge – Calendar for December 2013

Here's something free and easy for cyber Monday. This shot was taken last year from the trail into Huntington Ravine in the early morning. Called alpinglow, the tint to the sky and light is pink and o [...]

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Lugging camera stuff up above treeline

Karma, it's what people call it sometimes. Seems silly to put a name to it when someone needs a bit of help and you can be the one to help out. "Anyone want to help carry gear up to Greenleaf hut tomo [...]

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