Photo Essays

As a photographer first, I have a soft spot for photographic essays. Personal projects and longer my in depth stories always bring out the best images in any photographer. Some of these essay as part of a larger project, others are personal projects that spawned from random travels, conversations, or perhaps images I’ve seen in the past. Enjoy by picking an essay below and enjoy.

Artisan & Craftsmen Not so much as a photo esssay but a collection of images sampling the craftsmen and artisans that have been gracious enough to let me into their studios, workshops and homes so that I could work on my craft. Thanks to Emile Birch, Thomas Leetes, Peter Limmer, Gene Hurley, Newfound Boatworks, David Burtt, Nathan Macomber and Fred Dolan.

Fly Fishing Rapid River, Maine Strategically placed at the border New Hampshire and Maine the Rapid River is one of the Legendary rivers of The East. It’s no easy task to figure out what dirt road to take, if the gates are locked, and if any of the roads are still there, but it’s well worth the effort. Early spring this river holds probably the best native Brook Trout in New England. As the summer heats up the Brook Trout go deep and the Landlock Salmon seem to make their way up near the surface to dine on all that hatches that time of year. Alder flies, stoneflies and all the other bugs that love hot weather.

Maine Lobstering Family

 Limmer Boots Since 1950 the Limmers have been making hiking boots by hand in a small town just off Route 16 in New Hampshire.

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